IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Monday, 22 November 2010

the beginning to a great ending!!!!!

1WhAt'd Up WorLd!!!! How U AlL Be? My nAmE bE OGk aKa OGkush but, my ReAl NaMe Is RObeRT and iM pushing for the good life for my family, friends, and of course ME! rIGHT nOW Im nOT REaLlY sIgnED bUt thErE IS A SmAlL cOmPANy ThAT SignED mE :) I LIVE,LOVE, AND BrEaTh HIP-HOP AND ALMOST ALL MUSIC EXCEPT FOR (COUNRTY) ITS not real music! I love all my friends and HaVe VeRy Big pLaNS oNcE tHe MIlItaRy kICKs ME OuT!!!! yES, iM iN ThE MilItArY aNd YeS Im GeTtInG kicKeD ouT aNd yEs Im HaPpY. NeVeR BeEn sO FuCkiN hApPy:) AnD If u reAlLY wANt To KNoW Im GetTinG KickED ouT fOr, KiLlInG sOmeOne!!!!! "J/K" nAW!!!! iM GeTtiNg Kick ouT FoR sMokInG tHe LoVE oF mY LIfE "MJ" iT's CoOl iLl SoOn BE wiTH MY fAmILy ANd My FRiends ThAT i haveN't SEen In Over 5 years. WoW!!!! cAnT BeLieve ThAT. aNd I Get tO PrOsUE My dREam of makING peeps LauGH, Cry, AND jUST fEeL HApPy!!!! I wANt NothING bUt pEace FoR evERYone.... I've BeEn pUsHinG my MusIC by, PuTtInG thEM All oVer tHE wEB, hAVIng FRIenDS GeT mY nAMe OUT there, BeIng VErY OuT goIng. nOT bEIng AFRaid ToO TaLk To anYone. One tOO GET YouR MuSiC ouT There, plUS tO SHow PEEps THat YoUR a REAL cHIlL guY bUt yet hE has His SHit TOgetHER aND KnoW'S whAT hE wants. I do KNOW whAT I waNT!!!!!!! i WaNt To bE hAPpY But REalLy, I jUST wanT to be ABLE to TAKE CarE OF MY FAMI and friends...... Aidan, Ryan, Ivan,joe, elijah, Mother,Father,Nikita, ALL MY FAMILY AND ALL MY AZ crew!!!!! were all going to the top! i promise...... sorry i didn't know myself for so long, and it took so long to figure myself out but im here and this time im here to stay..... AZ crew, were going big!!!! Aidan you better be ready bro!!!! because vie been ready for the good life..... Again THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL AND I HOPE THE BEST FOR EVERYONE..... YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TOO, I SWEAR!!!

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