IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

the life to open another door

check it be the day!! when OGk rocks this mic with his bong and his crew, you know who you be if im open to me U you its what i see, take what i be and smoke it now grow it and the bring me back.... that is how i see what was not in faxed...... the life that would do go to be seen throughout the glass of a place that has no time to last......... i see what might be a light of day that bring's us all on are way because throughout me you can see what just might be a better day of another place to stay with the life of what we be when we come to see the rainbow that might no lose its fight to save You from the might of no more light..... my life is you so come with me to become true to the might of what you see everyday when you look throughout me i bring the life of and make it become feel...........So, now you see that when im with you, you can believe that you are what has the life to be what you see when you become free........ So, now that life is free and she can be i move on to you that guy that has no truth but in side he has the way to a new truth in jus that the life of trust is what will being the blue's to one's that which not knew how no over come the power of the blue's.............. The rock of you can only be seen through the cudi of of what he my buddy put in this shit when i kick it for the way i spit it....... Now check this shit lil wayne be in pain but now he has fame...the fame he got OGk will not cop out rock with the chill of another day... when we smoke are drouw out of our bong.... i rip this for the guy you see in the conner that wants to be but he can find what they wants called free..... i put this nothing for not just me but for that guy you see..... so take it in and just Win and bring the spin of what we do to u u u!!!!!!!!!     ( lil wayne bill gates beat) Be reppin AZ,CO,CANADA,WA,JAPAN

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