IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


extremely bored and have nothing to do but sleep!!!! but who really sleeps anymore....... so over rated!!! hahahaha,

so, how is the world? shitty!!! why yes..........

it's horrible that we live in a world where we our all fighting each other 24/7....

if we can come together as a brother and sister, not worrying about color,race, mindset, judgement and 

criticism  we can make a big difference to this world me are slowly destroying and the worst part about 

all of this is your kids..... yes! your kids! we are the building block to the jingo set....... and when one of 

us are pulled out or pushed away it makes are structor weaker and weaker and soon so weak that we can 

fix what we have done and this is why i write and say what i do because we need to think about this 

now... not later!!!!!! because later IS going to be to late... think! what about your kids ...... don't you want 

them to see and live the life we dreamed, with out the judging and destruction? people want to think 

about that but we never have enough time because life has to much out there for us to forget about these 

problems....... SUCH AS, GAMES!!!!!! come on peeps there are so much more productive shit to do

 then seat in front of your computer/tv/ or whatever!!!!! go out and plant a tree.... go out and save a l

life...... go out and give back to the earth..... your one thing will really make the biggest difference and 

why i say this is, when one see's you doing right they seem to follow and so on and so on......... i write 

this not for you to agree with me or even understand this, but that would probably a good thing 

though!!!! hahaaha, hi family :) just thought i would throw that out there.. hahahaha,  but that just what 

was on my mind at 230am and maybe i'll be able to sleep now! ahahahaha... love you all! peace love and forgiveness 

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