IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Convo the mind

This is what I do
When there's no time to rhyme
I let my mind take over
Never let the facts of life keep you from going from the bottom and never raising to the top
you got what they never had the mind of that leader spiterman with that mind strength plan
but from what the world pushes you to be
You have to let go of the fear you hear and
Listen to u
because you knew through your life
That once the hearing that you heard won't let it be unheard
And life is no hindin secret no more
so all the shore and tear will last no more
so smile in the face of fear and let's roll one up
Fuck that
Stack those dobbie snacks up
And let's get fucked up!

That lil momma from the time I laid eye's on her,
Baby the word I tried to say were me in a mind blur,
I rewind that time
place that word in a table top kickflip trick
land a love from the above club ;)
This baby had that pack that kept her rack stacked
And my mind in bind buri climb to the top and rock rock rock that bitches clock!!!!!!!
Now instead of 45 this bitch feels 25........
No lie! ;)

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