IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Friday, 10 December 2010

hi family!!! remember back in the day :)

wow!!! i don't know what im doing right now..... with this shit with zero sleep, extreme excitement and

 the ability to her, see and know what you may be think before you even think it....... i have just all kinds 

of shit to talk about so, well just start thinking and i'll just write...... ready! set! go!!!!! wait.... stop!!! not 

yet! ok, lets go now....... ready! set! go! boom! boom! explosion...... i really don't know what im saying 

or what im doing but whatever im just going with it... letting the mind do all the work while the soul

 keeps the typing in line. hahahahaha!!! hi, my name is Robert but on record don't call me that unless you 

know me, you family a friend or just a cool guy!! if you don't know if your cool or not you're not! 

because you had to think about it!!!! i hate you and you  and everyone of you stupid mother fucker's that 

made fun of me in middle skool because i wasn't wearing the hip clothes or i had the name brand (shoe's) 

yeah well that wont ever happen again and i hope your fat and pregnant with a horrible husband because 

i would have treated you like  my red Ferrari, making sure you had all the up to date shit and treated you 

and gave you all my attention.........  remember that time in 4th grade (yeah, i remember 4th grade) this 

shit destroyed me, remember that day when i was out side hang with these kids that i thought were my f

friend's you cam e up too me and asked to take a picture with you... yeah i took the picture with you and 

i still have it.. then while you guys were about to do the picture you had three friend's pen me down a 

shove dirt into my mouth!!! oh yeah, i remember you stupid fucking bitch!! then remember in high skool 

after i disappeared for 4 years because my parent's had meth to cook and we needed to move down a 20 

mile dirt road so they could cook it with out distractions! hahahaha, "distractions" wow!!! thanks for 

thinking of our education.... oh yeah, we stopped going to skool after 6th grade for 2 years then i went 

straight to my freshman year! hahahaha, good shit right!  and i say (our) because oh yeah, i have a 

younger sis and bro and i swear i was the worse big bro...... i was alway's giving my bro a hard time 

because skool was always giving me a hard time. and lil sis, i just sorry... i love you both with my e

everything, i swear i would take a hole round of bullets for you guys :) i swear if there's anything you 

guys need i will be there no matter where i be i will find a way........... mom! hi :) i don't know what to s

say!!! damn!!!! hahaha, you had to deal with some crazzy shit with me and i apologies for everything!!!! 

i never ment to put you through all my shenanigans and i promise to give everything back!!! i love you 

mommy :) DAD!!!!! HAHAHAHA, what to say about my dad. FUCK UP !!!!!! hahahaha, naw!! yeah 

my dad has made some extremely stupid decisions while i have been around and i really think all the shit 

you put us through really made me the person i am today :) thank you man!!!!  hahaha, remember when i 

use to tell everyone you abused us and beat the shit out of us! hahahaha, wow!!! man i was a little kid! 

hahaha, yeah, we got the belt but he never pulled it out because he was bored!!! one example, hahahaha, 

shit is funny....... we were in the back yard. when i say we (adam(best friend,bro and i) we though we 

would throw rocks at are neighbor's window's.... what we were thinking i have no idea....... but i took 

the rock and busted out the window then we ran inside and acted like nothing happened then next thing i 

her is "knock! knock! knock! hahahaha, police and that neighbor's fuck!!!!! next thing i knew i was 

passed out on the floor and knew what was next! man, i was such a pussy! hahaha, so yeah next part was an ass wopin!!!!!! 

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