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Friday, 3 December 2010

HI WORLD :) ISN'T every day just a great day?

What'd up world be a little bit!!! how are you, me! im great, haven't been better:)  life just keeps getting better and better but, at the same time i just keep getting fucked over ever three seconds..... Now this last fuck over was really my fault, if i would have just gone to work and stop trying to fight the navy i wouldn't be in this situation !!!! so, i not pissed im actually extremely happy because i don't look at the negative part's of life i look at life with a positive attitude and i see that with me stuck in this jail cell i can get alot of writting done, and i can do alot of things that involve music :) , which in my opinion if the best thing for me because if you didn't know i'm getting the boot out of the military for smoking the love of my life... "MJ" :)   BUT IT's ok this is what i want........ for the longest time i didn't understand what life was and i didn't know whom i was but that has all changed.... im a beautiful person just like the rest of you, no one is different we just think different, but in all actuality we think the same it's just some people just find themselve's before other's and sometime's people never find themselve's living a lie there hole life and yet there fine with that...... OR ARE THEY? IN my option, i think everyone want's to do great things but they just dont have the balls to do it!!! ANd still i feel that isn't fully true.... i think there are special people out there that were put on earth to make a difference and i am that ONE THAT "WILL" MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!! I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO stop a war, and i may not be able to save you, but i would love my music toooooo!!!!! right now im still figuring out my music flow and right now im 50% satisfied  with what i spit but i know that i can do better then what im doing i just need to practice practice practice! plus, hit up every show i can... been scoping out all the clubs in CO and getting ready to hit them all up.... so, FUCKIN STOKED:) JUST want to give a shout out to some peeps real quick and if i dont say your name please dont hate me :) ku ku kuna, dude u be a great friend and a great business partner me taking this shit to the bank and we going to cash all that bank dro in!!!!! want to shout out all the peeps that be on that shitty ass ship the, "USS DENVER" you guys, keep your heads up an dont fall out like my bitch ass!!!! Rivera!!! dude i dont know how to thank you for being there for me when i was a idiot at time's (alcohol)  Have to throw a shout out to all the HATER'S, love you guys the most keep it coming, i love it!!!!! MUSIC!!!!! shit i dont even know what to say, i just love music so much and i cant believe that's all i really needed to find whom i was :) i cant forget all my friend and  all u peeps that be supporting me!! you guys are what keep me going on and on and on, just like that energy bunny :)  AND AS ALL WAY'S HAVE TO SHOW MY FAMILY THE MOST respect... as much as there not a 100% with me on this journey but they have my back a 100% and i thank them for that,i have so many more peeps thank you ALL but my FUCKING COMPUTER SUCKS!!!!!! ONE LOVE AND ILL SEE YOU ALL AT THE TOP :) LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU SO MUCH

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