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Friday, 10 December 2010

what is love?

hahahaha, you think OGk know's what love is! i don't, but  want to express my feeling's on the topic.......

  through out my short time on earth i have fallen in love with every girl i have ever dated...... what's that 

about i don't know! well, that's a lie.... all i want to do is give my love to someone i think really deserve's 

it!!!! love has nothing to do with sex, talking, money,god,kids,food and many other's... love in my 

opinion is something that can never be broken and that is the why i have been with ever girl i date and 

too ever girl i said that to, i mint it..... because i love everyone and i just want everyone to love me......... i 

just want to make the girl i see as happy as me and able to give her everything she's ever wanted and 

show her that she is special and that she can do anything! be anything! and you need no one but 

yourself..........  i can't believe that women can juggle so much at a time... don't get me wrong i can do 

that but making birth! yeah right! hahahahah, funny shit... women have the heart and the strength to do 

thing's that men wish they could do...... i don't understand how a man can hit or verbally abuse a 

beautiful creator like that...... they have the biggest heart and some are just down right cool in everyday! 

and right not there is one girl i feel all this for...... and if you know who you be! yes this is all true and me trying so hard not to stair at you in class. just cause i don't want you do think i like you but oh my god!!!! 

do i like you..... when you talk and voice your opinion i swear you sold me after that first word!!! 

hahahaha... geek i know!!! :P you have a huge heart and i can see you want to make a big difference in this fucked up world (sorry for the language) i really appreciate that you want to help the lil one's grow up to be the new kid's on the block! hahahaha. we need to show the world that there are real peeps that 

want to make a difference.... it's just that were only one person in this big world!!!!!! and that's the biggest reason im going music, tv, entertainment, photograph... anything beautiful because i think if i tell 

my story and give peeps shit to look forward too and show that beauty is everywhere no matter where your at.. even in this jail cell i see beauty everywhere :P i don't know what else to say but thank you for 

the smile and the hello...... i see you and i hear you! i hear everything you say no matter if i don't want to listen to the instructor talk i stop everything a listen to your opinion and what you think and what you 

have to say.... your voice is beautiful and what you stand for is extremely a part of what i want to do and 

be...... i hope you and your man have a great life and he can give you everything you want and treat you 

like a princess because that's what you are too me........ and i be that peasant just wish............. again this 

is not a sad letter or a listen to me letter!!!! this is just what's on my mind and i have to get it out before i 

explode and lose my mind again!!!!! i love myself and i love you and everyone that has my back and that 

doesn't... i love everything!!!!!!!!!!! well, i guess i'll stop this right her :P peace love forgiveness 

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