IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Friday, 7 January 2011

dude! i got this shit to a tee! listen too me! no joke!!! everyone will choke after a hit of my smoke!!!!! high time's

smokin what i be,
free your mind and just unwind,
nothing but yourself can invest the time to live,
so enjoy the time it is,
cause life can pass you by on the fly!
you wanna know why? (people try too hard!) 
i wish it was a lie, but boy that ain't no lie!
in the universe we trust so much,
yet we don't even know what to trust!
open! but so close, to the knowledge we all really know!
we go so slow!!! just to pass the time that we back track then unwind
this should be a crime cause smoke that dime gives me the freedom to be free and see the universe in a different verse!

Roll that blunt,
 fuck that cunt and never give up!
  damn that baby is fine but i never want to have her controllin my mind!
 it's fine, that this girl wants to be mine,
  but when I'm out with the crew let me be me,  and you be you!
 i love life and i once love the knife,  i felt that once could been right!
  but with you on my side and the spirt in the sky my opportunities are sky high!!!!!
 embrace the power of you cause your life is on the veiw!!!!! 
  Picture! power in the life form of this hour,
 now cut the life on that splice and that's the life of a person with a knife!!!!! (i don't know about that!!!!!!)

connect with me,
 damn bro,
 you will see, 
NOTHING can be given to NO ONE BUT ME!!!!!! ;)
OGk is the best of today,
 coming in with that willing hand, 
makin this shit turn into a golden plan!
 his mind is gone from soo many hits from that bong,     
  come along,
   on this wonderland flow!!!!
 No blow! No cracK
none of that bull shit slack stack of,
worthless shit!!!!! (you know what i mean, don't seem blind to the glistening) 
 i harm no one,
i help whom i can,
 i forget alot man!
what was this plan! 
 ok, he's back!
OGk stacked high with that mile high flow,
 from denver COloraDO!
He rep's the best and check's the rest!
COlorado, that's my hood!
you know that shit's, where the master plan will begin!!!!!
thank you men and women of this,high class,sassy ass, 
the world we give away to class,
this wont last,
with me coming up in this class!!!!!!
control over us wont last,
 i promise that!

congrat's to me on this will be mind set, 
 conrolled by this free spiritral let's bet!
the casino is open all nite and the bar is the miller high life!!!(comment! what up OGk, i hate miller FYI!)
that shit's tight! 
love life!
love the might of my fight!
tonite's going to turn into the best nite,
got the crew and that sweet goowe owwe,
 sweet sticky exey shit!!!

MY company high life,
nite life,
right might,
sonic roll,
hedge hog on the go!
freshest company you'll know!!!!!
will bring you in to my mind set and the rest will be history i beat!!!!!
watch this shit,
if  your not convinced,
 i'll give you a whole check!!!! 
P.L.F. is the company that will grow to be the best........
i never rep this shit on my chest but a tattoo of the best is in that mess of insanaty! 
 would be, hear me, see three!
 now your on that triple "c" trip that's click click click pull's your mind into another dimencion fool! 

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