IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Friday, 14 January 2011

what will this become!!!!

this me ripen this shit you see,
well, you don't see!
but you know me
yeah! you knew who!
oh yeah! 
MAn, that's me,
living everyday so free from what you all see!
 but you all  don't want me to create this new me....
not cause the money i get paid, 
but cause, you bitches be so whack....
thinkin i do crack!!!!
i smoke smack!
i snort line's!!!!
it's all fine....
just make's! what you wish was your,
become mine :) 
my mind and the line's i do!!!!!!
not the coke you fool!!!!
the line's of rhyme's i flow through!

kill all you! with this shit that i do..
squeeze you!
please me!
fuck that, 
you be the dumb fuck,
 trying to stop what!
the flow that i cut in a verse !
never letting the words i say,
 spray a 9 because i would kill all your rhyme's
now my rhyme's are ill!
oh, now you want to chill
fuck that!
sorry grandma!!!
didn't mean to cures!
but this is how get out my mind,
all my verse!!!!
so, please love me for my words,
not for the cures words!!!!!
i am  ME!!!!!!!!
let ME be ME!!!!!!
and worry not of ME,
but the problem's you see, but are blind to correctly fix, and become free!
just like me!!!!!!!!
I'm free to establish a new ME!!!!!!!!
I tried bobby!!!!!!!
but yeah!!!!
that was a worry...........
I tried Robert!!!!!!!!!
and that worked,
but still felt that i wasn't complete!!!!
Then OGk came on one day!!!!!
found me, 
took me,
and made me, this person you all see! 

can you see the world, that has to feel the bleed of what we need!!!!!!!
need is a word that make's my nerve's sleeve off my arm!!!
run far but any place we go is the bar!!!!!!!
drinkin is to far gone.....
an excuse to everything you do wrong!!!
hahahahaha, funny right!!!!!!!
true though!!!!!!!
listen to this bro!!!
yes! i got a dad!
yes!  he is very sad!
no! he didn't tell me! but bro,
I can see through the 30 pack a day!!!!
just to forget his pain!!!
it's a shame.....
but is it really new!!!!
you think, that's not you!
but, it is dude!!!!
maybe not a drink or two!
but something that helps you free your mind from these troubling time's!!!!!!

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