IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Monday, 28 February 2011

A world with these brain's acting like, there different then me and u!

LET'S SEE............ OK!
A world with these brain's acting like, what each brain do,
 Is different then me and u!
But, that's so untrue!
This brain,
That brain,
Your brain!
No different then these so called, "Intelligent brain's!"
Even these so called, " Insane brain's!".........
 What you think insane be! is honestly,
sane to me........
So, let's come together and become brother's!
Just true and willing brain's, that would do anything for that F.A.M!
Cause, what F.A.M be too me!
Not friends!
But,  H.E.L.P! and that's what we all need!

Honest, true, and knowin brains interacting with these "so called" insane brain's!
make the hate turn into,

Live life for you!
Cause an Open book,
 is a true,
 and somewhat kool way to be  for these kid's living in poverty!
Don't go in on life dwelling on the past.
Take it as,
 a journey to learn how too make each brain click and start that wheel that goes around makIN new and creative shit...........
Kids today, are the leaders in time.....
So, make a mold of the brain's that changed the word HATE! TO,
 "I love, and can make a better way for this generation of tomorrow and today!"

Power Your mind to connect with these other brain's to collaborate and make that word FAKE!
 A JOKE with a rare steak!
"Sorry sir! i asked for a steak with no red,
  cause in two second's that's what your gonna see rolling down your head!"
Don't mean to be mean, but when I ask you twice! i feel as if your control over your own brain is way past insane! connect with an ordinary brain and voila!

much love too all
stay up!
mental minded music ( THE 3 m's )

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