IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Random nothings!

Chicken butts

N: Never! No! Nothing!
These our negative words,
Created to scare you into thinking(?)
Well, (guess)
i can make the navy and myself, work For this duration of time!
Cause, finally!
This timeline is done!
For this paperwork known as,
"no fun"
"Somewhat dumb!"
But to explain why you feel we all want to express the true meaning of life,
"Why" to be!
"no fun!
"No fun!"
"No fun!"

Why waste another tree that goes

"No! No! No! Gonna be done......
Week and some day's :)

cause to lie!
Or honestly have that feeling of those negative way's,
hating everything,
day by day!
is true to a life of,
"yes machine!"
but what drive's you to hate these fake! Lazy! Two timing snake's! Is what I let go.....
same old!
Same old!
Yes, You know!

A: around! ! around! ! around!
this circle with these clown's that keep a straight face,
When even,
you know something is out of place!

V: verbs!
other intelligent words!
the navy sucks away!
Like a vampire at ur neck!
Creating the next soul!
turning u into a "X"
with bull eye's!
Told to say words,
With no true meaning!
But, lied to your face!
Consuming who u see,
When, that mirror show's the true you!
powered by,
confidence they build!
but not for you!
for them,
With a remote control!
Adjusting the level's!
no one see's the sad, Truth!
But like kids we our,
it's PG!
So, we don't become scared.....

Y: A question we ask!
But told to,
"close ur eye's to these lie's"
"zip ur lips and seat"
as we spit! Spit! Spit!
All over u,
And the truth u see!
these device's on our shoulder's,
make's us right and you will believe!
anything you feel/say! To, captain/admiral any
Damn day.......

Walking with the heart of a lion!
Zion the lion?

A lion is,
the spirit of The strong.
Yes! Yes!
Now, I see!
This strength,
This power,
The heart,
The courage,
Builds the best in the music industry!
This shit is too easy :D
Happy soul, Mental minds, controlled by you, contribute's too!
Soulful! Empty hate.......
No judgement put on the board with a date!
CAuse HATE is a mistake!
Fight stand's not only as,
negative way's but as 5 syllable we can all say!
Freedom, Is, Good, Happiness, Tonight! today! Tomorrow! Together!
So, live this life using those words instead of what could hurt!

"What is funny about your device!"

If I had a knife, or an object of shinny bling!
I would sing as I clip! Clip! Then Snip away
no more of the,
listen! Listen! Listen to me, cause blah! Blah! Blah! Regulation of 1910! Wait!
Hold on!
I lost my self again!
Isn't it 2010?????????
100 years man!
No change, but to the money they spend.
As we wish and hope for this war too end!
What cost so much?
Nothing to unreal but,
Another 100 pen's to add to the million we store away for another rainy day.
Or the paper we share with nature's home,
Burning it away like the money we get paid!
"just take a little from the tree and soon enough you'll see, nothing last forever so be a friend to everything man!"

A vent of the day
Found in an ally of hate!
Pass by me,
Just looking and wondering why?
Makin up reason's for my reAson's!
Unable to close there eye's and pass by!
Judging me cause what you be "so perfect"
The funny part about that,
Your tears show!
Maybe not in front of me but the movement's and expression lied to we cause what you be!
Crushed inside by your own lie's!
Hiding from your fears and closing those eye's!
Scared of what the world may think!
Is he gay!
Why would he say!
Go far far away!
Bye bye For now!

Determined to show u all!
Nothing but life is your one choice!
Choose not to be fake but,
Make the mistake's of a power to last another 60!!!!!
Wicked right!
Tight you say!
These are just the way's I get to feel the haze with out a substance

Check this shit out........
I did it for you......
I did it for me......
I did it right......
I do this shit all nite.....
Party with me!
Her we go!
Two shot's down as you guys turn into clowns,
Joking around!
As these chick's become slut's! telling these dude's,
"Give it to me
stick it in my butt!"
"Hurt's so much,
but thanks!
Great fuck!"

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