IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The truth I see in his eye's!

Two face lie's

fear of love, Life,

This seem to be the life of not only yourself,
but of this world your blind to see!

Yes! You think what goes on in you,
Is different then anyone else that dream's too?
Well, wrong you be!

Not only do we see eye to eye!
Most our words are lie, after lie!

Come's from with-in that T.V. Show you see as real!
Coppin not only a fill!
Dressing, looking, and thinking your so real!
Fake is equal to you,
faggit ass snake's!
oh please!
let me be,
as cool as we use to be,
Back high skool!"

I really wouldn't be so proud of that!
When, where, why, & who!
Those were the tool's,
In writing skool!
Understand this dude,
"What you think was freedom then,
Really was only the test to see if one day you'll be, one of the best!"
Guess this test to "so called, be the best" failed for you!
Alway's thinking, you be cool in skool cause those look's you took from t.v.! but, there u go acting like the fake,
making you faker then fake!

Love u before turning yourself into another tool like back in skool!
Freedom is easy to find!
just find you before going Straight to the truth!

Love you
Love me
Love everything I can see!
Much love
One love

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