IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

c(Real)e(Astronomy)t(Entertainment); Peace~Love~Forgiveness music

Creative way's we see the life were made to believe;
never will us "people" live the life we dream,
 Unless we push away from, "Do this, be that......."
You are,
 "NO ONE!" but yourself, can change YOU!!!!!

Real peeps live life never looking back!!!!
Honest with them-self, making what one might think to be,
 blah! blah! blah! "go away!" but honestly it be,
"Please chill with me!" but there to Sad inside,
Unable to cry the pain away.
Running so fast, unable to slow down and enjoy life for, NOW!!!!!
If you think OGk plays it fake, well bro!
that's more left then right,
 cause what you don't know,
 OGk is just like you and I :0
So, it's ok to cry cause,
if that's who you our,
 Then shed away the fear.......
smoke away those negative ways and wait for more positive day's......
 (: AK is the flavor of the day :)
So high, playing this shit so right!

 Electronically developed in 2011.....
IPHONE; Connect, Connect, Connected until we get home........
Involved, "be around"
Make, "Big bro!"  not only a meaning but, what OGk be to his family........
Partying with the crew, showing them all a life better then what we all thought life would and should be, dude!!!!!
No more will you see a life of poverty.............
GO IN BRO!!!!!!!!!!
Life is to quick and updated to slow down and wait your turn...........
Burn rubber bro! Take that bitch by the hip's and pelvic her back until she blow's.......
"OH NO!" one bitch gone, hundred more to spit in these songs........

IF you see these words, "P.L.F." then no-dout!
 its what this year be all about!

Astronomy is the minds of today! (open minded music)
Time darken away by, depression, hatred, and negative words and ways!
 In this time-zone, the only way you can find your true, "YOU!"
 when that reflection of you goes into that water,
or any shinny object found and defined as glass:P
Reflection of me is true; but this reflection you see when you look at you is fake to that zone of no return..!!!!!

Teaching the dude's of 2011;
The leader's of tomorrow's tomorrow :P
You can go left and yet, still be right!
 Never do what these "drone's" tell you to do........
 You do what's right!
 A Jedi you might be but,
  if you go left make sure you know you went left,
 and at anytime be able to force back into....... "CONTROL"
 "THINK RIGHT!" you can create the, "GOOD LIFE!" every nite.......

Entertainment is begging, "please don't go!!!!"
thinkin, "maybe will see..."
 but, the sponsor's and supporter's those be the one's,
 destroying the fun in the core of the sun created just  to chill and brighten the light for a better,
day n' nite......

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