IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Monday, 7 March 2011

"Open minded music" lyric's/poetry for anyone that's following me!

10 1/2 I ask! 
 "there on the way!"
Excited to sport my fresh flow, with these thing's coving up my toe's!

Out they come,
 Screaming! "Im the best, making sure WE never rest"
A kick-flip her!
360 ther!
a 900 bro!
Tony hawk, you know! ;) 

OH! OH! OH! These be right, and so fuckin tight! 

Her we go!
  Locked in! Everyone going,
 "damn! those bitches be so sick........."
No need to say! Compliment's are appreciated,
 but anything about my style blow's most minds away! 
Step into this world like a baby with those first few step's,
Wobbling around,
 with a smile so big a clown couldn't say you'RE Not a Kid!

   chillin with the crew,
 as everyone walks by skooping out my fly new shoe'S.....
Never will i be,
 "Look at me, I just want to be! Be! Be!
   Like you, not me!"

At the end of my,  "No more skool day!"
We roll out this bitch on all four's, as I kick-flip down that four!
  Score! One more for the crew!
West-coast up!
"A" town down!
  rolling around all these town's putting up the P.L.F.
skating; not for me but,
for my crew! or should i say,
my power be that, skater boy in me.........
I rhyme better then these, "so called best!"
so, i rest my mic and walk away.......
no hate but,
 "Damn if you be so called "BEST" then i rest my case about me!"

Never will I go back too smoking that whack ass crap....
If you ask me bro i'll say,
  "i'll smoke that crap if you'll smoke on my pole"
Gay, you say!
guess what bro, i don't care!
 cause i'm free and your trapped in that,
"i wish i could be!"
as you STAIR, DREAMING into that T.V. ;)

put those one's away,
 cause these ones her are for a rainy day and those be for sun! sun! sun!
put her to brighten me and everyone's day :)

420 Destiny
stk n' poto

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