IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Thursday, 30 June 2011

japan to Cali, make's CO the mark of the beast!

Started this hip-hop over a year ago today!
Starting out as a joke and progressed into my life or as a lot of you would say, "A DREAM!"
A dream is only half of what you can do, the other half is up to you........
I speak from the heart, letting the blood flow through,
 Giving out to mind and soul!
 Making you believe the logically reason to these words I write.....
I started over there and ended up over here.....
 Over here is dirty as the scum from underneath the seat from where I laid the last two nite's..........
No more so called, "bum ways" 
 Bring in that money!
Screaming out, "Make it rain! Bitch! WE just got paid."
Much love to you! 
 helping me find the true reason i make my music turn into fine wine, so the flow has a better taste parsley old......
Guess what i'm trying to say,
i an't going down and i sure in the hell an't gonna live it with a frown...
much love to you out there pushing to be who you truly dream to be....
you got one life to live so, play it out like you did as a kid....
"fuck what they say, cause the only right way is ur way!"
Dream big!
Live big!
Die big!

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