IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Monday, 28 February 2011

hello too you!: A world with these brain's acting like, there diff...

hello too you!: A world with these brain's acting like, there diff...: "LET'S SEE............ OK! A world with these brain's acting like, what each brain do, Is different then me and u! But, that'..."

A world with these brain's acting like, there different then me and u!

LET'S SEE............ OK!
A world with these brain's acting like, what each brain do,
 Is different then me and u!
But, that's so untrue!
This brain,
That brain,
Your brain!
No different then these so called, "Intelligent brain's!"
Even these so called, " Insane brain's!".........
 What you think insane be! is honestly,
sane to me........
So, let's come together and become brother's!
Just true and willing brain's, that would do anything for that F.A.M!
Cause, what F.A.M be too me!
Not friends!
But,  H.E.L.P! and that's what we all need!

Honest, true, and knowin brains interacting with these "so called" insane brain's!
make the hate turn into,

Live life for you!
Cause an Open book,
 is a true,
 and somewhat kool way to be  for these kid's living in poverty!
Don't go in on life dwelling on the past.
Take it as,
 a journey to learn how too make each brain click and start that wheel that goes around makIN new and creative shit...........
Kids today, are the leaders in time.....
So, make a mold of the brain's that changed the word HATE! TO,
 "I love, and can make a better way for this generation of tomorrow and today!"

Power Your mind to connect with these other brain's to collaborate and make that word FAKE!
 A JOKE with a rare steak!
"Sorry sir! i asked for a steak with no red,
  cause in two second's that's what your gonna see rolling down your head!"
Don't mean to be mean, but when I ask you twice! i feel as if your control over your own brain is way past insane! connect with an ordinary brain and voila!

much love too all
stay up!
mental minded music ( THE 3 m's )

Saturday, 26 February 2011

walkin with the heart of Zion, the lion

A lion!

this is,
The spirit of the strong!
Now you can see,
this strength,
this power,
this heart,
This is courage,
Building the best in the music industry!
This shit is too easy.........
Happy souls, 
Mental minds, controlled by you!
contribute's too,
Soulful! EMPTY HATE.............
No judgement put on the board with a date!
Hate is a MISTAKE!
Fight; not only stands as, Negative way's but as,
 5 words we can all say!
Freedom Is Good Happiness Tonite! Today! Tomorrow! Together!
So, live this life using those words instead of what could hurt!

this is,
In no way a bitch mode!
this is the truth i see and many other,
blind to these way's!
ContradictING what i say and thinkING it's OGara that feel's this way!
Love is what i say,
if you hate!
i understand you feel my way!
Yet, to scared to waVe thE checkered flag that finishes the hate,

Much love to all that feel and can relate!
Nothing in life can over come the fucked up mind-set i created on mistake.........

much love you all
stay up!

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind. " — Bob Marley , Bob Marley 

Friday, 25 February 2011

Random nothings!

Chicken butts

N: Never! No! Nothing!
These our negative words,
Created to scare you into thinking(?)
Well, (guess)
i can make the navy and myself, work For this duration of time!
Cause, finally!
This timeline is done!
For this paperwork known as,
"no fun"
"Somewhat dumb!"
But to explain why you feel we all want to express the true meaning of life,
"Why" to be!
"no fun!
"No fun!"
"No fun!"

Why waste another tree that goes

"No! No! No! Gonna be done......
Week and some day's :)

cause to lie!
Or honestly have that feeling of those negative way's,
hating everything,
day by day!
is true to a life of,
"yes machine!"
but what drive's you to hate these fake! Lazy! Two timing snake's! Is what I let go.....
same old!
Same old!
Yes, You know!

A: around! ! around! ! around!
this circle with these clown's that keep a straight face,
When even,
you know something is out of place!

V: verbs!
other intelligent words!
the navy sucks away!
Like a vampire at ur neck!
Creating the next soul!
turning u into a "X"
with bull eye's!
Told to say words,
With no true meaning!
But, lied to your face!
Consuming who u see,
When, that mirror show's the true you!
powered by,
confidence they build!
but not for you!
for them,
With a remote control!
Adjusting the level's!
no one see's the sad, Truth!
But like kids we our,
it's PG!
So, we don't become scared.....

Y: A question we ask!
But told to,
"close ur eye's to these lie's"
"zip ur lips and seat"
as we spit! Spit! Spit!
All over u,
And the truth u see!
these device's on our shoulder's,
make's us right and you will believe!
anything you feel/say! To, captain/admiral any
Damn day.......

Walking with the heart of a lion!
Zion the lion?

A lion is,
the spirit of The strong.
Yes! Yes!
Now, I see!
This strength,
This power,
The heart,
The courage,
Builds the best in the music industry!
This shit is too easy :D
Happy soul, Mental minds, controlled by you, contribute's too!
Soulful! Empty hate.......
No judgement put on the board with a date!
CAuse HATE is a mistake!
Fight stand's not only as,
negative way's but as 5 syllable we can all say!
Freedom, Is, Good, Happiness, Tonight! today! Tomorrow! Together!
So, live this life using those words instead of what could hurt!

"What is funny about your device!"

If I had a knife, or an object of shinny bling!
I would sing as I clip! Clip! Then Snip away
no more of the,
listen! Listen! Listen to me, cause blah! Blah! Blah! Regulation of 1910! Wait!
Hold on!
I lost my self again!
Isn't it 2010?????????
100 years man!
No change, but to the money they spend.
As we wish and hope for this war too end!
What cost so much?
Nothing to unreal but,
Another 100 pen's to add to the million we store away for another rainy day.
Or the paper we share with nature's home,
Burning it away like the money we get paid!
"just take a little from the tree and soon enough you'll see, nothing last forever so be a friend to everything man!"

A vent of the day
Found in an ally of hate!
Pass by me,
Just looking and wondering why?
Makin up reason's for my reAson's!
Unable to close there eye's and pass by!
Judging me cause what you be "so perfect"
The funny part about that,
Your tears show!
Maybe not in front of me but the movement's and expression lied to we cause what you be!
Crushed inside by your own lie's!
Hiding from your fears and closing those eye's!
Scared of what the world may think!
Is he gay!
Why would he say!
Go far far away!
Bye bye For now!

Determined to show u all!
Nothing but life is your one choice!
Choose not to be fake but,
Make the mistake's of a power to last another 60!!!!!
Wicked right!
Tight you say!
These are just the way's I get to feel the haze with out a substance

Check this shit out........
I did it for you......
I did it for me......
I did it right......
I do this shit all nite.....
Party with me!
Her we go!
Two shot's down as you guys turn into clowns,
Joking around!
As these chick's become slut's! telling these dude's,
"Give it to me
stick it in my butt!"
"Hurt's so much,
but thanks!
Great fuck!"

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

hello too you!: "KUSHINOMICS" A MIXTAPE WITH a major mathematical ...

hello too you!: "KUSHINOMICS" A MIXTAPE WITH a major mathematical ...: "What'd up world.......... how are thing's on your side? 'life for myself is great!' I'm exploring the music world like never before............"

"KUSHINOMICS" A MIXTAPE WITH a major mathematical equation to better time's :) P.L.F. for life.

What'd up world..........
how are thing's on your side?
"life for myself is great!"
I'm exploring the music world like never before.........
this table of dream's is no more just a video game,
 but a reality of what life could really be with the right mindset and power to over come the build up of hater'z over family! 
this be on the chart's,
 to the start of some of the fresh's shit in 2011......
Extremely stoked to spread peace, Love, and Forgiveness around the world with what OGk and his mindset see's in reality with-out blinking twice or thinking twice! 
but a hypocrite way we all be........
it's true! 
sorry :)
you knew my eye's;  
you mouth your lie's change with the game! 
getting out or run far away,
to a false place with masked face!
around you go,
 lost and feeling so destroyed by the gossip going around!
listen! listen! listen!
don't frown.......
this gossip you hear is just bull shit that stick's to yo ear!
clean it off,
Throw it down onto the ground!
send HIM away for that shit HE,
 OGk thinkING,
 you gonna sweep these word under the rag! 
so wrong,
please step off or that,
 rug's gonna become the love you wish that dust didn't dis out to you!
now feelin that,
bo-ho! bo-ho!
bitch you cry,lie and come at me sayin,
you be a cool dude!
run away and never come back with shit that's nothing more then, blah! blah! blah! 
heard that,
heard that,
heard that before!
love is what i give but to fake ass kid's like you!
OGk's got no sympathy, cause he talk's about the truth to all you........
Not fakin it up like this new generation.......
coming out the closet is a term for the gay, but no!
it's toward's all that dream to say, "TODAY IS THAT DAY!"......
if you don't know who you are but you feel strong about the shit you dream then,
maybe those dream's are no more lost in side you!
but put in your hand's to create you!

love one another for not how we act,
 but for the action's of kindness we all have!
 some just to sad to open up or to mad to create love!
 living with hate, and with-out there true mate bring's out more! and more! hate...........

P.L.F. for life
much love too all
stay up! 

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lord Akuna: Lovey Dovey

Lord Akuna: Lovey Dovey: "So in honor of V-day I figured I would drop one of my favorite love poems that I ever constructed. Tough to read it though as it reminds me ..."

The truth I see in his eye's!

Two face lie's

fear of love, Life,

This seem to be the life of not only yourself,
but of this world your blind to see!

Yes! You think what goes on in you,
Is different then anyone else that dream's too?
Well, wrong you be!

Not only do we see eye to eye!
Most our words are lie, after lie!

Come's from with-in that T.V. Show you see as real!
Coppin not only a fill!
Dressing, looking, and thinking your so real!
Fake is equal to you,
faggit ass snake's!
oh please!
let me be,
as cool as we use to be,
Back high skool!"

I really wouldn't be so proud of that!
When, where, why, & who!
Those were the tool's,
In writing skool!
Understand this dude,
"What you think was freedom then,
Really was only the test to see if one day you'll be, one of the best!"
Guess this test to "so called, be the best" failed for you!
Alway's thinking, you be cool in skool cause those look's you took from t.v.! but, there u go acting like the fake,
making you faker then fake!

Love u before turning yourself into another tool like back in skool!
Freedom is easy to find!
just find you before going Straight to the truth!

Love you
Love me
Love everything I can see!
Much love
One love

Two true; to have, one false!

Two true; to have, one false!

true! True!
false lie's, is closed eye's to all your own lie's!
Open the book you hide from,
Cause inside the story of a lost mind come's out quicker then false time's....
The Truth we speak, but still scared to think!
"it's right" "it's right"
cause what where sold is put in BOLD,
on a box to wave away anything that could make these days better and brighter then the last century ago!
No! No! No!
Honestly a century ago, was better then now!
but NO! NO! NO!
Were nothing but drone's,
having needle and thread the path we take cause the world think's the generation of today is a mistake!
So, they!
Take! Take! Take!
As we,
Grow! Grow! Grow!
Understanding life better then they would ever know!

it's true!
It's true!
You all knew this the hole time.....
But,For me or you to express the truth!
This make's us what they call, "false believer's"
But, it's not false belief's.....
"it's you right there!"
trying to scare out our power to devoured your negative word's! And we do!
We eat that shit up,
like a puppy on those new ass shoe's!

See! See!
Now do u go down this path with me,
or do you stay where you be?
cause in the next min or two I'll be out like a fat man is a veggie house!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Stay away! I'll ask nice once, after that I'm gonna make sure you remember me!

Yo! I'm done with "ALL" peeps wasting my time!

Yo, this was the last time anyone will do this too me.........
I don't care who you are!
If it has to do with my life/love and passion you better understand!
"this isn't a joke"
"This isn't just for fun"

And another thing,
I fucking hate drunk peeps!
I swear........

Can't wait to be away from all these stupid ass fake, immature "KIDS"

Ok! Ok! I'm done.........
So happy to be getting away from these people and back around true/real family....

Love all my family that's been with me and never disappeared,
even after I disappeared for such a long time

Love you all!
Steak n' potato's
420 destiny
AZ, CO Fuck it! The hole west coast
One Love!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

just a talk of now! not of what this year will do. cause bro, i already know! money! bitches! and all that hi- dro

See, i'm so bored right now! And yes, I'm staying busy.......

may not be what the world define's busy to be,

But im working hard and all you, SO CALLED RAPPER'S/WANNA BE'S, STEPPING TOWARDS me!
 "this, white boy can't rap, IM gonna skool this cat"

hahahahhaa, yes! Yes,! You be so true...........

Sorry! Dude...........
Not gonna argue with you.........
You win! You win!
hope now you can sleep at nite cause "B",

I sleep each nite, with that smile the joker created; wanting it seem like he was living the American dream!
"RIP, a man that we all wish could live another day with the fam and his true friend's" much love!

4-5-6 Year's!
  Unable to sleep without shedding a few tear's!
Alway's being told,
 "men don't cry"
and if they do,
 they most be gay! AND, yes!

my father came to me one day.
 and yes!
 i remember it like yesterday!

For the first time in my life!
i spoke to my father,  not as his son!
 But, as grown man!
 it wasn't me that was unsecured with homosexuality, communicating with peeps and living life not to the fullest but still extremely good/responsible peeps when they want to, or like myself i just stick to being true and hopeful and everything will fall into place!

"Do the crime or steal that shit!
cause, im the devil bitch..........
i send you down below to grab a beer,
 cause damn!
this music i can't remove from my ear's!
 P.L.F. Is explosive, just give me, this year!
  Promise, "I WILL" be on a record company!

getting the club or show mofo hot! hot! hot!
But, honestly that's just a bunch of random shit i say, to you and anyone that has no fun i
WORK! Be like, "What is your problem? Are you dumb? Do you need an easier job?"
This was my favorite one!
back before the navy, i was still growing and in my opinion,  THE BIGGEST BABY!
this time i got on earth is great but, never mistake or close those eye's to what's around you!
 cause bro you get peeps to see yo that no one person understand's! but instead of turning to that negative me

But yet!
i'll still GO IN on all these finless fool's,

 Trying to get back in that pool!!!!!!!

See, once I have won and that fun I thought, couldn't be out done!

i see,
 I was wrong!

i guess,
Well, yes!

i am a sweetheart and a lot of girl's see that,

They come at me with a 2 letter word, N! O!
Like those hater's try to do bro.......
he's fake!
Not real!
Trying to be so chill!
Man! His swag is so whack!

then with these crazy ass lady's,
with the pussy that in-nablity control's  the function  of most weak minded men! 

AND YES! before i get peep's more interested in what i think and say, 
it's true!
 EvEry WoRD and EvEry ExpreSSioN i give out to you, is the truth of me!
 cause honestly,
 i can't lie cause i can't remember what i lied about...... THAT'S HONESTLY NO JOKE!

In this time of error!
 a better chance now,
 to bring!
 what a man that i've seen everyday when i look in a mirror and give this quote away!
 not only from my word's,  but my life and soul! "emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds"

and with the lady's it's,

"He could never be that kind must be one thing on his mind!

YO! OGk is back and dude, stop those whack ass lie's!
 cause bro,
 This air you take in!
is gonna run out,
If you don't chill and stop hating on us true peeps!

 FUNNIEST PART about after the "prob is solved" or, so you say!
 You come to me and say!
"It's not me, it's my friends G!"
 "I've alway's been your dude!"
  OH YEAH! Is that right?


Thursday, 3 February 2011

is so powerful!!!!!

So, check this!
Took me,
To do,
what I do best!
Voice my opinion to the right person!
Now this case is moving forward!
"don't know when I'll be home! But,
I'll be seeing the big man next week and that will be the day I figure out when OGk and his family will see each other once again! :)
Love life!
Love you!
Love everything,
and everyone that brought Robert/OGk together to create the music that floats down like a feather!
One Love :)