IT's only our minds that can close the plain; we close our eye's to!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

check it! tell me if im in the wrong but if you would like not to say i understand...... much love sty up! PLF4LIFE OGKUSH=ME!!!!!!!!!!! AIDAN; recorded in a studio mixed and engineered by someone who has been2 school for mixing thank you for your time OGKUSH; dude! i got that way back bra.... can't download two, computer can barely handle what i load on it... hahahhaa! BUT MAD LOVE AND MAD GRIND...... I'LL SEE U AT THE TOP, LIKE I'VE SAID SINCE DAY ONE SUPPORT'R "THE UNIT!" 4LIFE AIDAN; actually no you didnt bc I just dropped it today but no worries if you dun want2 download it dont OGKUSH; WRD! WELL, THEN I APOLOGIZE I WILL MOST DEFINITELY DOWNLOAD IT.... "NOW, WE DON'T HAVE TO END WITH CHILDISH WORDz!" I'VE SUPPORT'D/LOOK'D UP TOO U AS AN ARIST/ & LISTEN TO THE WORDZ THAT HELP ME BECOME THE ARTIST I AM TODAY SO, PLEASE DO START A FIRE WITH A MAD SUPPORT OF "THE U!" YOU AS AN ARIST AND YO CREW PLUS, U AS A PERSON...... "THE 100% TRUE!" DOWNLOAD'N IT NOW! MUCH LOVE FAMI PLF4LIFE AIDAN; what ever man I dont even understand half the stuff you say and honestly I am not worried about any of it do you OGKUSH; HAHAHHA, WRD! WELL, GOOD LOOK WITH YOUR JOURNEY BRO AND I'LL HOPE ALL THE BEST PLF4LIFE SUPPORT'R "THE U!" BUT I REALLY DON'T BELIEVE YOUR A SUPPORT OF ME! AIDAN;what ever man THE U!!! WRD! TRULY! EVERYONE, DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG? CHECK US BOTH OUT ON FACEBOOK & SOUNDCLOUD;

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